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WORKING FROM HOME: Tips to Get Through the Day

We have now entered into this new norm of spending more time at home, making a lot more home cooked meals, and practicing social distancing. Before the COVID-19 spread and outbreak, I usually spent less than 12 hours at home per day. I was always busy out in the world doing various things, such as: working, coaching lacrosse, reviewing restaurants, hanging out with friends, and going to the gym. Now, most of my day is spent at home. I always dreamed of working from home. To be honest, I am kind of excited about working from home, but structure is key to be successful. Here are simple tips to get you on the right track to successfully work from home:

Tips for Working From Home:

  1. Create a Schedule: Even if your job has flexible hours, I highly encourage you to set a schedule in order to complete the tasks for the day. Create a timeline of how you will go about your day, it's ok if you don't stick strictly to it (see below for example)

  2. Do not work from your bed: Set up a designated place where you will work in your home. Make sure it's an organized space.

  3. Practice Good Hygiene: Although you are staying in your home, make sure you are changing your clothes, showering/bathing regularly, getting a good nights sleep, staying hydrated, and eating a balanced diet.

  4. Take a Break: Find time in the middle of the day to do something other than work. You can choose to make a meal, read a book, listen to music etc. This will help you regain focus and finish out the day strong.

  5. Stay Active: Working at home likely will mean less movement for your body. In order to get your body moving, be sure to plan time to workout, run outside or go for a walk.

Work From Home Timeline Sample:

  • 6am-7:30am: Wake up, workout & shower

  • 7:30am-8am: Breakfast

  • 8am-12pm: Work (prioritized the more important emails and tasks)

  • 12pm-1pm: Lunch Break (avoid working and eating, if possible)

  • 1pm-5pm: Work

  • 5pm-6pm: read a book, go for a walk, catch up with family/friends

  • 6pm-7pm: Dinner

  • 7pm-10pm: Netflix, a movie or family time.

  • 10pm: Sleep

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