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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

The season has arrived where packing and unpacking happens weekly and maybe even daily. Weekend trips for the Holidays and New Years celebrations are HERE! Packing efficiently can make a trip less stressful. The ultimate travel hack that I live by is the duffel bag/carry-on approach. Limit yourself to only bringing ONE bag. (It's possible trust me). Packing too much or too little is the worst but it can be avoided. I hope to shed some light or give a new perspective on weekend packing. Brace yourself.... this is where I get brutality honest.

Travel Hacks: Keep It Simple

1. GOLDEN RULE: You can never pack too many under garments. My rule of thumb is packing twice as many under garments as the number of days you will be on your trip.

2. For the amount of pants or bottoms you will need: divide the number of days you will be on your trip by 2 (wear them more than once).

3. Pack enough shirts to match the number of days you will be gone. Layering is key to make more outfits. You can turn a day outfit quickly into an evening get up with a shirt change.

4. Pack 2 pairs of shoes. (I know I know I know....this is the hardest part). Pack one heel and a pair of flats OR a sneaker and a dressy shoe/boot.

5. Toiletries should be able to fit in a small pouch. REMEMBER: Travel size bottles are your best friend.

6. Pack accessories that are practical and jewelry sets that you will be able to wear more than once with multiple outfits.

A Word to the Wise: the more items you pack, the heavier your duffle bag will be. Keep it light sweetie.

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